FCA Recognized Collision Repair Facility

At Ariana Auto Body we are currently an FCA Recognized Collision Repair Facility Program provides customers with a repair provider choice that is Certified. The unique program identifies collision repair operations that have all the critical tools, equipment, training, and facilities to properly repair FCA vehicles to original manufacturer specifications. At Ariana Auto Body we are also one few shops in participating becoming a Alfa Romeo Certified Body Shop which requires more stringent requirements. This will be a separate program that requires more advance training and even more expensive equipment’s to put to restore back to its factory specification. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Recognized Collision Repair Network requires collision centers to provide a uncomparable repair experience with OEM parts to ensure the value and safety of our owners’ vehicle is maintained. To make certain that the next generation of vehicles are properly repaired such as the new Alfa Romeo line up, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and other leading automakers are doing their part to ensure that body shops have the right tools, equipment, training, and facilities.

  • We install OEM parts with a precise, good-as-new fit.
  • These OEM parts are tested to help ensure your safety.
  • Part of the program we utilize the same materials, paints and coatings as your vehicle to match its finish;
  • We maintain the same level of corrosion protection durability as your vehicle did when it was new.
  • At Ariana Auto Body we help maintain your vehicle as if was new again. We will protect your vehicle’s value in the event of an accident.

At Ariana Auto Body, keeping your vehicle like new helps ensure you’ll get the greatest return on your investment at the time of resale. Keep in mind, if you leased your vehicle, you’ll be expected to return it up to standard when you originally purchased at. When you insist on OEM parts, it’s a difference you can see. You may be required to pay additional termination charges. Authentic Mopar® Collision Repair Parts help protect your safety and your investment, and help minimize the possibility that your vehicle will lose some of its value

You can now say you have learned about spot welders, you can ask your nearest body shop if they use the state of the art equipment, a lot of which is required by manufactures these days – due to tight regulations on accountability and liability. At Arian Auto Body, rest assured that the tools being used by our professionally trained mechanics in our bay area body shop, are all top of the line.