TECNA brand welder

Our Tecna brand welder has been widely approved by premium manufactures such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamorghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and Bentley as well as well as popular brands including Honda, Toyota and GM.  When a manufacturer approves a welder like Tecna, it is confirming that the Tecna welder is capable of performing quality welds equivalent to those performed on the assembly line.

At our Bay Area collision repair shop, we are proud to use the Tecna welder since it is the only brand of welder that is manufactured for assembly lines as well as collision repair shops.

Fan Fronous Welder

Manufactures are using aluminum to provide better fuel efficient vehicles to meet high customer demand. Some cars such as BMW, Corvette, Land Rover, certain Fords, Audi, Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Tesla, and Bentley are all utilizing the benefits of aluminum on their vehicles.

Aluminum is a lot more expensive than steel and is much more difficult to work on. This requires our professionally trained mechanics to carry out special aluminium welding, rivet bonding and weld bonding on certain vehicles.

Since aluminum can easily attract galvanic corrosion when any steel comes near, which is common in these types of repairs, it important to have a separate set of tools to be used only for aluminum panels to prevent any type of galvanic corrosion.

Another fun fact: Aluminum dust is explosive so at Ariana Auto Body we use special aluminum dust vacuums made from  aluminum and carbon fiber.

Keep in mind, certain manufactures such Audi, Mercedes, Tesla, and Porsche require mechanics to use the Fronius aluminum mig welder.

You can now say you have learned about spot welders, you can ask your nearest body shop if they use the state of the art equipment, a lot of which is required by manufactures these days – due to tight regulations on accountability and liability. At Arian Auto Body, rest assured that the tools being used by our professionally trained mechanics in our bay area body shop, are all top of the line.