Celette 3D Measuring System

celette-naja-3d-image-1 celette-naja-3d-image-2
At Ariana Body we use CELETTE ‘s Naja 3D diagnostic because they are known worldwide for easy and accurate systems for structural repair.  As the first step in the structural repair process, CELETTE’s Naja Evolution 3D diagnostics system was created with OEM CAD drawings for complete factory accuracy.

Our technician uses the Naja because it provides a unique view of the control points in relation to length, width and height. This allows for efficient damage analysis on a data base of more than 14,000 vehicles. celette-naja-image-1 celette-naja-image-2

You can now say you have learned about spot welders, you can ask your nearest body shop if they use the state of the art equipment, a lot of which is required by manufactures these days – due to tight regulations on accountability and liability. At Arian Auto Body, rest assured that the tools being used by our professionally trained mechanics in our bay area body shop, are all top of the line.