What does it mean to be BMW factory trained?

At Ariana Auto Body we are factory trained for both BMW and Mini. We have received many certifications which allow us to specialize in specific types of repair from aluminum to carbon fiber. This is why are preferred body shop for our local BMW dealership We have received certifications and factory trained from new BMW 7-Series G20, BMW I3 and BMW I8. We have obtained our certifications for a reason, to protect our customers investment.  BMW has rigorously high standards in regards to repairing their vehicle back to its factory specification, most of which go far and beyond the typical insurer approved specifications.

Protect your investment and avoid voiding your warranty by insisting on a BMW factory trained body shop.

Q: What is the difference between using a mechanic/technician that is BMW factory trained and one that is NOT factory trained?

Our BMW factory trained technicians deliver the highest level of repair quality and customer satisfaction by meeting the BMW North America industry standards for vehicle collision repair. Repairs methods that have not been factory approved can actually void the warranty for your late model BMW.
Fortunately for our customers, our BMW factory technicians complete hours of hands-on training and must pass rigorous exams such as on aluminum and carbon fiber to enable us to give you the best possible service.

Q: What is difference between choosing a body shop that has BMW factory approved EQUIPMENT and one that does not?

Our BMW factory trained technicians are equipped with the latest repair equipment and tools to ensure our customers vehicles are meeting recommended repair procedures as set forth by BMW North America.
Equipment such as the Cellette Frame, our spot welders, and aluminum welders are recommended by BMW to get your vehicle back to its original specification.

Q: Why would I want to use BMW Genuine Parts? I thought all collision parts pretty much the same.

BMW Genuine Parts are designed to meet defined quality, safety and appearance specifications. While most insurance companies will approve the use of aftermarket parts and recycled parts, at Ariana Auto Body we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure we use OEM parts for your vehicle.
BMW Genuine Parts may not be replicated or imitated parts, neither can they be aftermarket parts or even some recycled parts. Such parts can actually void your warranty if used. BMW vehicle factory warranties transfer when BMW Genuine Parts are utilized in the repair process. Protect yourself and the value of your vehicle by insisting on BMW Genuine Parts.