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Ariana Auto Body | San Francisco Bay Area collision repair

At our Bay Area body shop, we pride ourselves on maintaining very stringent quality control when it comes to vehicle collision repair.

Most body shops use equipment which is merely “insurer approved” but at Ariana Auto Body we have taken things a step further to ensure our collision repair equipment is approved by the vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Porsche and even Tesla. These requirements are a lot harder to meet but it ensures our equipment is the most safe and accurate on the market today.

Please click here to find out more about the steps we have taken to be manufacturer approved and not only “insurer approved”.

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30 Years Experience

At Ariana Auto Body we have been established for 30 years in the automotive collision industry. Our vehicle collision repair expertise is surpassed by none, as well as our superior customer service. We are proud to say that our relationships with our customers have got us where we are today which is why we continue to put you and your needs before anything else.

Why people choose us

When it comes to quality of work, when it comes to collision repairs, we offer our clients a lifetime warranty on all the vehicles we repair at our body shop.

Find out more about our services here.

Our body shop technicians are factory by your car manufacturers to bring your vehicle back to it’s original condition. Our san francisco bay are body shop also has a GOLD STAR I-CLASS certification.

To find out more about what makes our vehicle repair work stand out from the rest, click here to see a list of our certifications.

We invest heavily in our equipment, and we make sure our qualified technicians have the best possible tools on the market. This is something we take very seriously and believe you should too since your car manufacturers have strict expectations on how the car they built should be restored if ever in an accident.

To find out what sets our collision repair equipment apart and what how it complies with manufacturer guidelines, click here.

Our reviews speak for themselves, but even before there was a Yelp or a Google, we were keeping customers satisfied from all over the Bay Area. In fact, positive word of mouth is what has got us where we are today after 30 years.

We encourage you to give us a call if you have been in an accident and need the best body shop in the Bay Area to get you back on your feet (well, technically back in your car).

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Computer estimates, which illustrate detailed information on your estimates to ensure accurate feedback on your repairs.
Celette frame machine to ensure the structure of your vehicle is the same way that it was rolled out from factory, back to its original specification.
State-of-the-art welders that are approved from the top manufactures such as Honda, Tesla, Porsche, and even Bugatti.

In-house body paint mixing

Standox and Cromax paint mixing helps us ensure paint matching at its best with no compromising of quality.

Your right to choose

Don’t be fooled, it is your choice by law to select any body shop of your choice to repair your vehicle. It doesn’t matter who your insurance company is, or which (discount) body shop they recommend, do not settle for anything but the best.

Our collision repair facility has met very stringent quality specifications set out by your car manufacturer and has been factory approved. Our technicians have been specifically trained to bring your vehicle back to it’s original spec set out by the manufacturer.

Regardless of your case, it is your right to choose your vehicle repair shop and this will not affect your claim in any negative way.

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